Every great structure begins with a strong foundation. A great athlete is no different. Our Athlete 101 program focuses on the development of the key attributes of an athlete that are essential to their performance. We work to improve an athlete's speed, coordination, agility, strength, and power. 

Wednesday's 7pm - 8pm

​Beginning November 8th

6 Week Throwing & Arm Care Program

Saturday's 10am - 11am

 Beginning November 11th

Bootcamps by Kelly, LLC

Kore Bootcamps

Limited to just 20 athletes

Our 6 week throwing & arm care program is perfect for any baseball player, not just pitchers. Our program focuses on the proper mechanics of throwing as well as building strength within the arm and surrounding muscles that are specific to throwing a baseball. The result is an increase in strength and velocity and decrease in the risk of injury. This is purely a strength and development program and no actual throwing will take place making it the perfect off season program. In addition, individuals will learn how to properly stretch and warm up their arms, how to properly care for their arms before and after playing and receive a customized offseason throwing program.

Limited to just 20 athletes


Single Program: $60  

Both Programs $100