Kore Bootcamps


Bootcamps by Kelly, LLC


Focus on Cardiorespiratory  fitness, Core Development, and Muscular Strength and Endurance. The sessions will be composed of exercises such as push-ups, squats, jumping jacks, calisthenics, and light resistance work. Any level can join from advanced to beginners.


Our original class includes everything you need for a great and fun workout!! Including exercises that focus on strength, cardio, core and an emphasis on interval training. The perfect combination to burn fat and build lean muscle! A great way to use all your muscles and leave feeling ready to take on anything!!!! All levels welcome.


Train for improvements in everyday real life activities. You will use weights and functional movements to gain confidence and to be ready to take on the world!!

HighIntensity IntervalTraining

This class combines functional fitness with short intense bouts of exercise followed by an even shorter recovery. Be prepared to improve your endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and mobility. All levels welcome. Modifications and Progressions will be given.

Functional  Fitness  EMOM
High Intensity class incorporating overall body and core strength to focus on building muscle and increasing aerobic capacity. Class will include sets of ever
changing mini workouts; which will have you work in short bursts to blast calories and work up a great sweat!  Muscle confusion is the key to this exciting and intense class!

Small Group Spin

​45 minute high intensity spin class. The perfect combination of hills, sprints, and sweat! This is a specialty class offered every 6 weeks with limited availability.

At Kore we have the perfect variety of classes to keep your workouts fresh and keep you moving closer to your goals. Our class descriptions are a great way to start your journey. Feel free to choose a class that interests you or try them all! 

​If after reading the below descriptions you are still unsure which class would be the best fit, contact us and one of our coaches will make the best recommendation for you.