Kore Bootcamps

Emily Waite

"You don't get what you wish for, you get what you work for! "

Matt is the co-owner of Kore Bootcamps along with his wife Kelly. Matt is also Founder of Backert Sports & Fitness, a personal training, nutrition, and sports program company. In addition to being a Certified Personal Trainer, Matt is also a Certified Sports Performance Coach and works with many area athletes to help them take their sport to the next level. Matt has dedicated his life to educating individuals on how to live a more healthy lifestyle. He believes the first step to achieving any goal is recognizing that it will take time. The most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to not give up. His workouts include a solid mix of strength and cardio exercise with an emphasis on interval training. In addition to working in fitness, Matt also serves as a local High School Baseball Coach and is the Founder and Director of the Maryland Baseball Club, a premier amateur travel/club baseball program.

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Matt Backert

Scott Czawlytko

started spinning 6 years ago and the main reason was I love watching people accomplish their goals while I'm accomplishing mine as well. I was born and raised in Baltimore. I live in Harford County and have  many hobbies, I play Ice Hockey and love to Golf,I also love to mountain bike.
My full time job is being a Captain in the Baltimore City Fire Department. This is my 25th year in the department and I love my job. 
So I'm looking forward to making  many new friends and see you in class!!
"It's just a hill .... get OVER IT!!!!!

Mike Kelley

​​“Actually, I can.”

Yes, you can! Mind over matter! Emily will push you to your limits that will have you saying “I can do anything!” This mini- but -mighty girl believes everyone can push themselves with the right motivation. Although while she will hold you accountable, she is completely encouraging. Spice up your routine with a high intensity workout that will leave you breathless. Don’t worry; she’s completely confident y’all will kill it!
 Emily is inspired by working out . She believes diet and exercise can change your life in the best way imaginable. She herself has experienced this firsthand and wants to dedicate her life to helping others change their lives/mindset as well. Feel free to ask her about it! She’s head over heels for dogs as well. She hopes to rescue as many as she can! The bigger the better. When she’s not exercising or studying she’s most defiantly outside reading a book or trying to explore a new adventure. 

Kelly Backert

Carey Barrett

Find your potential, set your goals, and reach for stars. I'm a manicurist by trade, fitness instructor by passion. I think I get more out of watching my clients achieve their goals, and push past their comfort zone! I like to constantly change it up but keep it energetic, fun, challenging! You never know what you're going to get:)

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Bootcamps by Kelly, LLC

I was born in New Haven, CT and moved to Maryland as a child. Excelled in all sports I played as a kid, and went to college in VA to play football. Played arena football in Philadelphia and had a few pro tryouts, Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys.
I am a certified personal trainer who enjoys helping people reach their goals. I also train for speed and agility for athletes.
As much as I love to play sports I also love to coach. I am the Offensive Coordinator for the varsity football team at Harford Tech High School.  
My high is to watch people's bodies transform into what they want it to. Nothing gets me more excited than to watch people work hard and enjoy the torture I put them through. I don't know everything so I like to continue to learn things so I'm constantly picking people's brains and doing research on different things.
If I'm not working out or playing sports I enjoy spending time with my family.


 "​Real Change requires a desire to change! When you have the right motivation and tools you can show up fully for life!!" 

Kelly is the co-owner of Kore Bootcamps with her husband Matt. She has owned Bootcamps By Kelly in Harford county for many years. She is the winner of Harfords Best Personal Trainer!  She enjoys working with people in helping them to develop the tools to live a healthy and great life! Helping people understand their relationship with themselves, food, and exercise is what she feels called to do. She believes that the scale is not an accurate measure of someone's self-worth. Life is not about living some controlled and perfect way. It’s about progress and showing up fully for the things that are important to us. As a Health & Life coach and personal trainer she specialize in lifestyle change, living a better and healthier life and helping people to change their relationships with food.